Imbecilic Co-Workers and General Twattery


SO….I work overseas.

I advise an organization on Logistics.

In my organization, we have several advisors who work in a broad range of specialties.

Our customer has just re-scoped our mission and decided that some of our advisory positions are no longer necessary. In other cases, the customer has decided that certain individuals are not performing as desired.

One such under performer has been told or forewarned on several occasions that he was being singled out for a distinct lack of performance. We, as his co-workers, warned him. His supervisor warned him. Others have tried to warn this guy as friends during off hours.

All of the warnings were to no avail. The only result from talking to this guy was that he would gossip behind the back of the person(s) who attempted to help him.

And that was it. These folks were attempting to help him.

Instead of upping his performance level and implementing changes and improvements in his area, this particular individual decided that deflection was his best tactic.

“What do you mean I’m not performing, Joe doesn’t even come to work.”

“What do you mean I need to spend more time in my area with the persons whom I am supposed to advise, Ronnie doesn’t come to work until 930 and takes naps everyday after lunch.”

And so on and so forth.

This guy can’t even perform simple tasks. Instead, he chooses to run about telling anyone who will listen all of the reasons that he can’t do his job. Worse yet, he has refused some tasks saying; “That’s too hard.” or “That will take too long.”

So, this guy is going home. He is essentially being fired without the negative consequences of having actually been fired. The Customer simply re-wrote the new position so as to preclude his employment. They want a level of experience which this person does not meet. This was done purposely because they do not want this individual to be retained in the new performance period.

I do not understand people like this guy.

If I am given a employment, I find out who, what, where why and how to be successful in that position. I then set out to make it so. I don’t tell the people who hired me that there are a multitude of reasons why, despite the fact that they are compensating me very well, I cannot fulfill the duties and responsibilities for which I was hired. I don’t run about taking notes on others and their work habits. I concentrate on my position and what I can do to fulfill my obligations.

I don’t run to the boss and tell him; “Suhr! Suhr! Johnny slept in late this morning and wasn’t on time to work.”

I do my job.

I work with others to accomplish the mission and fulfill my obligations. I assist my co-workers even when it benefits me none. I pay attention to the shifting currents and adjust accordingly.

What the hell is wrong with this guy and those like him? This approach to life and employment is infantile and imbecilic. Yet, this dude can’t seem to comprehend why he’s soon to be unemployed. All he seems to be capable of is talking about what everyone else is or isn’t doing based on his faulty, incomplete perceptions and whining about how he can’t do his job because of outside factors.


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