Equality is a Sham

Equality is a sham.

Equality is discrimination against the talented and driven.

Is a Soldier in the United States Army treated the same as a General?

Is a Mayor treated the same as a homeless person?

Is a checkout clerk treated the same as a manager?

Is a brilliant scientist treated the same as a five year old?

Is a #1 NBA Draft selection treated the same as an undrafted Free Agent?

Is Hillary Clinton treated the same as Monica Lewinski?

Humans should be treated with dignity. We should all be exposed to equal opportunities.

However, I cannot take advantage of the same opportunities as a brilliant scientist much like that brilliant scientist could not take advantage of the opportunities which I have had.

Education is there to be had for the citizens of Baltimore. I can no more force parents and Bloods and Crips to ensure that the children of Baltimore take advantage of said education any more than you or Obama or Bush or Hillary or the Mayor of Baltimore.

The Federal Governments War on Drugs is also an equal opportunity offender. It legislatively criminalizes certain drugs. Everyone has the opportunity to abide by these idiotic laws and prohibitions.

No one is forcing a Black person, an Asian person or a White person to become involved in the drug trade or to purchase drugs.

Once a person becomes involved with drugs, equality shifts. White people are less likely to be prosecuted or even accosted by a State Thug (Police) than Black people. The affluent are less likely to serve time than a poor person.

And so on and so forth.

We are all born. At that point, we are more or less equal. From that moment on, equality is an illusion that can only be forced upon us coercively via Statist intervention.

For us all to be equal, we must all be in some way diminished.

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