America’s Problem is Classism; Not Racism

This is an issue of Institutionalized abuse and bigotry.

This is an issue of Classism.

It is not a race issue.

White, Black, Asian, Arab, Latino, Hispanic and every other non-Elite citizen of America is being disabused of their rights in America due to the institutions set up by the two political parties and the sheep who vote for them.

Black people don’t need allies. We all need to form an alliance against the bigotry and abuse of the Federal, State and local governments.

I take umbrage when someone tells me that I need to ally myself with Black people because they are some kind of special victim. They are not.

The American Police, or as I call them State Thug, is the friend of no Citizen. They are extortionists, rapists and pillagers. They are scum. The Governments and their officious bureaucrats are the issue here.

When Black people are led to believe that they are special victims, it serves only to hurt them.

It serves also to hurt everyone else.

Go out to the country/rural areas of America, you will see just as much poverty and much, if not most of it, is White poverty.

It is all oppression. It is all the denial of opportunity. It is all tyranny.

That Black people are fooled into believing that it is them against White people is naught but a tool of division used by the Democratic Party to keep that Black voting block in place.

White people don’t hate Black people. White people have their own problems. White people have to feed their own children and protect them from the abuses of the State.

I abhor the racial division created by the Democratic Party and their minions.

And don’t attempt to blame the GOP. The DNC held the Presidency and the Congress for the better part of the past decade. Even so, Black opportunity saw a decline the whole of that time. If the DNC is so good for the Black Citizens of America, how is this possible.

Certainly, Republicans do nothing for the Black Community in America. This is a matter of course. There is less than a 5% possibility of a Black person voting for a Republican. Republicans, like Democrats, have constituencies. These constituencies are voters. If the likelihood of the Black Vote going to a Republican is all but nil, why would a Republican give a damn about a Black voters.

It all boils down to votes.

As long as the Democrats know that Black Citizens are all but guaranteed to vote Democrat, there is no reason for a Democrat to do anything except for the usual talk.

As long as Republican know that an ice cube will freeze in hell before the Black Citizen Community will vote for them, Republicans will continue to ignore them.

The result is the same. Lip service from the DNC including Barack Obama and Republicans simply ignoring the Black Citizen.

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