Politically Correct “United Statesians” Annoyance


The United States of America is known around the world as AMERICA.

There is a country called America and you, dear Citizen of the United States, live in it.

That you, dear reader, personally, choose to refer to it in your preferred PC choice of wording does not negate the fact that America is a known entity.

Semantics and pedantry.

The correct term for a Citizen of America would be and is U.S. Citizen. The country is known colloquially as AMERICA.

Yes, it has much to do with one’s political bent. Only politically correct Americans who tow the Liberal Party line want to say that AMERICA is the incorrect manner to which one should refer to this country.

The citizens of the United Soviet Socialist Republic did not refer to themselves as United Soviets. The People of the Democratic Republic of China do not refer to themselves as Democratic Republicans. The people of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan do not refer to themselves as Islamic Republicans. Each respectively referred to themselves as Russians, Chinese and Afghans.

Mexico is the Republic of Mexico. People from Mexico are called Mexican. Canada is the, as far as I can tell, simply called Canada. Folks from Canada are called Canadians. It’s not difficult to follow this. If Canadians and Mexicans wish to call themselves America because they hail from the Americas, good for them. I have no problem with this. It would confuse the hell out of everyone and they’d spend half of their time explaining that they are Mexicans from the Americas and, therefore, Mexicans who are Americans or Americans who are Mexicans. However, that would be their prerogative and I’d not be concerned about it.

I refer to myself as an American. When folks ask me from whence I hail, I answer; “America.” Unless I want to be difficult and then I’ll say; “Thailand.” Because I live in Thailand now.

Every time that I have tried the Liberal Politically Correct usage of “United States” as an answer, I have received a blank look upon which I always have to expound by saying; “America.” At the stating of the word “America” in answer to my national origin, I am always rewarded with some semblance of  “Oh, OK. You’re American.”

To repeat, one can always tell a Liberal American traveling the world by how he/she refers to themselves. If an American uses the term “United States” in answer to “Where are you from?;” there is a 99% chance that that person voted for Clinton, Gore or Obama in the last few Presidential elections.

Having traveled all over the world, I can say this with certainty. Only a politically correct Liberal refuses to call themselves an American. Then there are the cowards who will tell folks that they are from Canada.

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and James Madison all referred to themselves as Americans. I shall defer to their provenance in this matter over the latter day “shame interpretation” of our national identity by any Politically Correct Liberal “United Statesian.”


No, this is not an American. No self respecting native of the pre-American societies would refer to themselves as American. They called themselves “the humans,” “free people,” Iriqious, Shawnee, Mandans, Apache, Navaho, Algonquin, Seminole and a thousand other names. Not one of these folks were American and not one of them is American. Those descendants of these people who now call themselves American are not the same as the free peoples who inhabited these lands prior to European Colonization. A descendant of the pre-Euro-Colonization Natives of the Americas who has taken up the mantle of Citizen of the United States would be seen as traitors by the man pictured above.

2 comments on “Politically Correct “United Statesians” Annoyance

  1. There is a lot of political correctness involved in this topic, but it’s going in both directions. Nobody ever told me which i should use growing up, so in different situations I have used each. It mainly depends on the structure of the question. If someone says ‘where are you from’, I will say ‘the US’. If someone asks ‘what is your nationality?’, I would say ‘American’. For me it isn’t really political. It’s geographical mainly, and being from Florida, there is no ‘average’ political temperature hear like there is in a lot of other places. The ‘average man’ here is very middle of the road. Lots of right wing political ideas are popular, lots of left wing political ideas are popular.

    But I feel your article is a lot of ‘the pot calling the kettle black’. It accuses people of being all sorts of things based on how they identify nationally… of which I disregard most or agree observationally with some. I have never heard anyone with right leaning politics say they are ‘a us citizen’, but rather just ‘american’, so I can understand that observationally. But I think that is more to do with the geographical co-morbidity of this phrasing being common, and a given political ideology being common.

    Where there are exceptions, I think its mainly a form of political correctness, on both the left and the right. The right certainly has its own political vocabulary. For instance, you seem sort of up in arms about this ‘US citizen’ vs ‘American’ thing, and I am reasonably sure this is the case for political reasons. People deviating from your political vocabulary is an emotional aggravation for you. That is what political correctness is/does my friend. You are just exercising it in a right leaning political context rather than the normal left leaning political context where political correctness is most obvious and cliche.

    Some of this is rationally justified (political correctness). Its bad manners to walk around calling black people ‘hey darky’. It will piss people off and lead to people treating you like shit. But it’s /just/ manners. Different people have a different sense of what is socially OK to say. Making it overly political is ‘politically incorrect’ for me. It is unreasonable to expect that everyone around you shares your political beliefs and values, so you have to compromise your politics a little for the sake of having civil social interactions with people.

    • I’m not up in arms about anything.

      Fuck me runnin’.

      Can people not read something and just say. “Well, he’s got an opinion.” without projecting some fuckin’ emotion on to the writer.

      I was a bit irked.

      I wrote about it.

      I got the fuck over it.

      What the fuck!


      Fuckin’ people!

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