UNC Tarheels is as DIRTY as the rest of them.


The grades for athletes, though, inflated their GPAs and had a hand in keeping them eligible to play. Under Williams, who became UNC’s head coach in 2003, men’s basketball players accounted for 136 enrollments in the paper classes.

That is the whole team. An average of 13 classes each year for the Men’s Basketball Team alone. That speaks volumes about the McCants’ accusations. If the NCAA doesn’t vacate UNC Championships, then the NCAA should be disbanded. Period. These skunks (NCAA) have been covering for the Triangle Schools for decades.

Favorable rulings in the Maggette case at Duke. Julius Peppers rulings that allowed UNC to keep their Final Four banner and games in which Peppers played.

Peppers won’t care about any of this. In 2010, he signed a 6-year, $91.5 million contract with $42 million of that guaranteed. Why would he care that the school bricked and his sub 2.0 GPA is out there for the world to see? (It is a FERPA violation, though.)

The NCAA might find it interesting, though. How was Peppers eligible with such a bad GPA? Were grades changed? And perhaps more importantly, the classes he did well in were the AFAM classes … you know, the ones that have been heavily scrutinized.

UNC and Duke are dirty programs in the same way that UMASS and Memphis and Kentucky are called dirty programs.

They have been exposed.

If there are no sanctions levied against UNC, there is no justice. Memphis, Michigan and every other program which has ever been sanctioned by the NCAA should take the issue to court. The NCAA has covered for UNC and Duke for long enough. It is time for this to end.

Another issue is that of UCLA under Wooden. How the NCAA allows UCLA to maintain all of their titles and wins after the revelations of cheating under Wooden is mind boggling. The NCAA whitewashed the whole Wooden era. Wooden as much as said that he turned a blind eye to the cheating. The NCAA has never addressed the issue.

Likewise, the Kansas/Arthur issue was whitewashed. Arthur was ineligible for the last Kansas Championship season. It’s been proven. Yet, the NCAA has never addressed the issue. Preferring to sweep that corruption under the rug.


If UCLA, Duke and UNC can maintain all of their wins, UNLV, USC, Michigan, Memphis, Kentucky and every other school which has had wins vacated due to NCAA violations should add every game back to their statistics and tell the NCAA to take a hike.

The NCAA is more corrupt than any school against which they have levied sanctions.

There is no difference between the Maggette/Duke scandal and the Camby/UMASS scandal. The UNC Academic scandal is 100X worse than the Rose/Memphis scandal.

Calipari should take the NCAA to court over both of those issue. Memphis, if they had an ounce of intestinal fortitude, would join in the lawsuit.

The NCAA picks and chooses whom they wish to sanction, not based upon their rule book, but based upon whom they fear and whom they love. If they have no fear of you or if they have no love for a Coach or a School, sanctions apply. If they love you or fear you, you can get away with everything short of murder. Although, I doubt they’d do anything to Coach K even if he was caught stabbing one of his players in the chest on Youtube.

Former Duke player Corey Maggette admitted taking cash from a booster Despite fears they would have to give back over $200,000 in NCAA Tournament revenue and stripped of their Final Four appearance in 2000, Duke was never punished by the NCAA after an investigation determined Duke coaches were unaware of the payments.

A 2003 New Orleans Times-Picayune investigation (article not available online) revealed that former Duke guard Chris Duhon’s mother “landed a job working for a Duke booster; co-workers say the job opening was never posted and that Harper was overpaid and lacked qualifications.”

In 2010, former Duke player Lance Thomas was sued for failing to repay an alleged $67,800 credit to a jeweler. The NCAA did not find any violations after an investigation.


Maggette was ineligible. Duke keeps Championsip.

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