Leo Buscaglia

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I have read Love by Leo Buscaglia about a hundred times.  I’m sure.  I’ve flipped through it even more.  It’s my Bible.  If I’m feeling down, uncertain, lacking confidence or energy or faith in the future.  When I need a dose of Hope, Faith or Love, I read this book.  I only wish it was available digitally.

I’ve also loaned this book out to people.  Mailed it to people.  Bought it for people.  When folks feel down or I sense that they are troubled, I’ll send this book to them.  I’ve sent it out to a couple of dozen people.

If you haven’t read it, you should pick up a copy.  Check it out.  Read it and think on it.  Let it soak into your soul.  You won’t regret it.  Leo is a beacon of hope.

Peace be with you, people.  Cheers!

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