The Mayor of Peoria is an Asshat


Mayor Jim Ardis sent the Peoria, Ill SWAT team to raid a College student’s dorm room.  Why? Because the college student had set up a faux twitter account parodying the mayor.

A SWAT Team loaded for combat against college students eating pizza and studying for exams?

A SWAT RAID for a parody twitter account.

That’s like sending the US Army into Mexico to get the President’s run away dog.

Jim Ardis is a pissant and should be impeached.  This guy is a menace to society.

But hey!  BONUS!  The SWAT Team not only invaded the dorm room but searched the roommate’s closet and came up with marijuana.  That most dangerous of drugs.  The kid is now facing imprisonment due to our Nations draconian and idiot savant drug laws.

AMERICA’s finest ~ Jim Ardis  Mayor of Peoria, Illinois

The judge who ruled that this SWAT raid was ok…he should be put on a rail, tarred, feathered and run out of town.  He’s an asshat, too.

If this is America, America is screwed.

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