The Black Vote in America. Do Black People Really Have a Choice?


The GOP attempts to limit minorities the vote through various shenanigans. They can’t outright deny minorities the vote. However, they can move towards requirement of IDs via legislation because, apparently, minorities are….hell, I don’t know…too stupid, too lazy, too complacent to get an ID of some sort. I don’t understand this as I’ve had some form of ID since I was 15.

The GOP works to limit minority voting not because of RACISM, but, because minorities vote heavily for the DNC.

The DNC attempts to limit minority voting choice in the election process. This is especially true of the Black Community. The DNC shames Black people and other minorities into voting Democrat. It does this through control of community centers and Black Churches.


Watch what happens when any Black person or other minority comes out of the closet as a Republican. The reactions of the Left is alway swift, loud and violent. UNCLE TOM! Pull that bitches Sistah Card! And worse. Stacey Dash was vilified so greatly by the DNC mouthpieces that I thought she must have assraped several toddlers. Nope…not that. She simply came out as a Republican.

The attacks on Allen West are the same.

No Black person is safe who comes off of the Democratic Plantation. A Black person who dares to go against the 50 plus years of Democratic Domination of the Black Vote is vilified. Not even ISIS or al Qaeda is attacked by the DNC with the same fervor as a Black Republican.

What you have here is a basic attempt to deny voting rights to minorities by both parties. One attempts to limit opportunity. The other attempts to limit choice. This amounts to the same. A Black person is expected to vote Democrat. A Black person who doesn’t vote Democrat is vilified, black listed and defamed such that they can find it dangerous to be amongst Black people.

I see no difference. The GOP doesn’t want Black people to vote because they know that 90% of Black people will vote Democrat. The DNC only wants them voting or to have a voice if they stay on the Democrat Plantation. If they don’t, the DNC wants to deny them both voice and vote.

How are Black people better off now than under Jim Crow? They changed the system, changed the vocals and optics but it amounts to the same.  Zero Choice for the majority of Black people.  Vote Republican at your own peril.

The GOP would prefer that you not vote if you are Black. The DNC demands that you vote Democrat if you are Black.  If you don’t, they’ll burn down your life.  It amounts to zero real representation as the Black Democratic vote is taken for granted and the Black Republican vote is not truly courted.

That’s freedom?



Not Stacey Dash. Erika Harold.

Liberal Tolerance of a Black Republican lol

Liberal Tolerance of a Black Republican lol

2 comments on “The Black Vote in America. Do Black People Really Have a Choice?

  1. Unfortunately, you can agree with the GOP principles and still realize that in practice the GOP is horrendously racist. So do you vote your principles even while realizing that none of them will be put into practice by a party that deep down has a controlling group that hates black and brown people?

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