Social Media Goodness!





People whine and bitch and complain about Facebook and other social media. Yada yada yada…this and that. I almost understand their complaints.

However, there are positive sides to social media as well. It has the power to bring us together.

For instance, Unny is all over the social media world. Her jewelry has taken her to Instagram, Facebook, Etsy, Twitter and other platforms. Across these varied instances of social media, Unny has met hundreds of people. 

Recently, she met a couple of her Instragram buddies in Bangkok. Two gals from Chicago traveled to Bangkok and Unny met them out and had a great “girls night out” with them. She showed them around town and over a few drinks, they had a great time together.

These are two wholly different worlds and cultures coming together because of social media.

So while social media does have it’s drawbacks, it also has immense potential for positive affect across our world.

Don’t discount it as merely a billboard for boredom and ignorance. The potential for beauty and fellowship exists as well. We need only step out from behind the screen from time to time and to come together in brotherhood…or sisterhood as was the case with Unny and her Chicago buddies.

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