Rejection of the Minimum Wage Concept should be a no brainer for Corporations


Working at a McDonald’s or other fast “food” restaurant is the selling of a service and creation or addition of value to a franchise name or image. There is value in that service and the employee adds to the bottom line more than the simple act of slamming a burger on a bun.

After all, Basketball is not that difficult either.

Basketball players are paid for their market value.

If McD and other fast “food” joints hired people who were worth 10 bucks an hour, no one would buy fast food.

The same concept applies.

If it were me, I’d cause havoc with fast food places. Show them the value of good employees vs scheit employees. Let them learn the hard way. I’d plant bad employees who scared the hell out of customers, drove away profit and created an atmosphere wherein the value of the franchise image was eroded.

It is criminal the profits made by fast food off of their employees. More criminal is the fact that tax payers are made to pay for the profits made off of minimum wage employment via government services.

All the while, the fast food CEO is paid millions of dollars for raping the American tax payer.

And somehow, this is called a “free market.”

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