America, Pharmaceuticals and the “Mass Killer”

People aren’t killing because the guns are talking to them and saying; “Hey, pick me up and kill people.

There are many contributing factors to this phenomena. One of these factors is the legal pharmaceuticals with which we have been dousing our male youth in America. Pharmaceuticals with proven side effects that include but are not limited to violent, suicidal and homicidal tendencies. You seemed to have missed that in your desire to blame the handgun for the violence. No sane or normal person would take a firearm and head out with the malicious intent of killing a few innocent people. Nor would a sane or normal person desire to kill himself or his family and friends. No sane or normal person would feel rejected by the whole of the population of the female gender of the world.

However, a person who has been drugged up nearly the whole of his youth would not be sane. Couple the existing less than sane individual with the known but ignored and purposely hidden violent, suicidal and homicidal side effects of these drugs on which he has been societally addicted and, perhaps, it’s not the firearms but the drug issues that should be addressed.

There is also a larger population in America and many, many more large population centers in America. America is also a more diverse nation and a much more complex nation. With a larger population, there will be more incidents. Sorry, but, that’s the way it is.

Take away guns (from civilians who are law abiding) and you will still have criminals with guns.

If you outlaw handguns, you will automatically create a criminal class that theretofore did not exist. Much like the War on Drugs.

Will we call it the War on Hand Guns?

It will never be as simple as banning this or that firearm. It cannot be.

If the Government turns in all of it’s firearms, I would be all for US citizens handing in their firearms. Police kill citizens constantly and no one seems to be concerned. We’re somehow concerned greatly with the much lessor evil of isolated outbreaks of violence involving one person and the victims. Yet, this does not concern me so much as the systemic problems with militarized police forces in America created by the War on Drugs and further strengthened by the War on Terror but that are, in reality, a two pronged campaign against American liberty.

In Switzerland, everyone is part of the military. If I remember correctly. Military service is compulsory. People are more familiar with firearms and, if I remember correctly, ownership of firearms is legal. It is a settled nation that does not have a large immigrant community. Switzerland is largely homogeneous. Three distinct groups who have lived together for hundreds of years. French, German and Italian folks who all are a part of the Swiss Confederation.

Perhaps, America should go back to Universal compulsory military service. Well, we could start the universal piece. Since that has never truly been the case. The sons of the affluent have never, or rarely, served and women have, for odd reasons, always been exempted.

America is not the most violent country on the planet. Sorry but this is not so. Upwards of 90% of this planet is much, much more violent than the USA.

That we are more violent, in so far as handguns are concerned, than Britain and Switzerland is not surprising.

However, it was not so long ago that Britain and France were having huge riots and extreme violence in their streets. So, a great many people did not have guns. They still burned down other people’s property, raped and pillaged and looted.

Europe has it’s hooligan issues.

There are parts of European cities wherein the “official” government will not go as these territories have been taken over by various groups.

Even so, European governments have shown time and time again that they will do with their citizenry as they please. This is possible because most of the population has never had firearms or weaponry.

Europe, when swords were the primary weapon of the day, outlawed personal ownership of swords. Later, they banned the crossbow.

I’m certain that they did this, not for the safety of the citizenry, but the safety of the various governments.

In the end, people die. If one is Christian, it is all part of God’s plan. If one is pagan and believes in fate, twas your destiny. If one is atheist and believes in neither, then there is no plan and this was all for the hell of it anyway.

Why would I wish to give away my right and ability to defend myself due to the violent tendencies of others. This is counter-intuitive. People are violent, hence, law abiding citizens should have the means to protect themselves taken away. After you are dead, the Government can come in and investigate. By that time, you’re dead.

If those gun toting 2nd Amendment guys and gals had been in Isla Vista, Rodgers would not have had a chance. As it was , no one had a means with which to protect themselves and others because they were trusting the Government to do so. And, oddly enough, the government always seems to fail to get their in time.

And all of that doesn’t take into account the war on drugs itself. The majority of gun violence takes place directly as a result of the War on Drugs. Gangs in America’s liberal cities where gun control legislation is often the most restrictive consumes multiples greater than the number of victims in WHITE mass killings. Funny, no one seems to care. I mean, what’s another dead “nigger.” Am I right? Of course, I don’t mean that. However, apparently, that is how the general populace feels. No one seems to care that there are mass killings in our inner cities on a regular basis. However, kill a few White girls or White kids and an Asian kid or two and DAMN…….the worlds all aflutter. And God help you if the parent(s) of one of the victims is affluent or politically connected.

Mass Shootings Remain a Rarity

The reason that horrible tragedies like the Newton, Connecticut and Aurora, Colorado shootings are so gut-wrenching and shocking is rooted in a reality that such incidents are extremely rare. Unfortunately, politicians often aim to stir up emotional reactions and exploit these tragedies for political gain. With the incredible number of statistics that get thrown around and abused, it’s important to sometimes step back and actually look at what the numbers say. Are the gun laws being proposed anything more than window dressing and “feel-good” legislation that will have little actual impact? Should more efforts actually be used in a results-oriented way, targeting the actual concentrated areas where gun crime occurs? Politics is often a processed-based and not results-oriented exercise, where “doing something” is often rewarded more than actually ever accomplishing anything.


That people are weak, does not, in my opinion, give any citizen or the government the right to take anything away from anyone else.  You wish to violently enforce your ideology as concerns firearms on the rest of society.  What if I wish not to give up my firearms?  Will you send government thugs violent into the homes of citizens with whom you disagree to assault us in order to make us abide by your gun control fantasies?  If that happens, America is no better than the Soviet Union or the monarchy from which we claimed our independence in 1776.


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