Today’s letters: Too much blood spilled in Afghanistan

National Post | Full Comment

National Post readers answer the question: “Was the Afghan mission worth it?”

Not worth it

  • The Afghan mission wasn’t worth it, because it was a waste of time, money and, above all, lives. I can see no redeeming upside in trying to bring a third-world Muslim country into the modern age with Western values and western-style democracy. Now that the last of our troops have withdrawn, the Taliban have moved right back in to take control. You know the expression: monkey on, monkey off? In this case, the monkey has turned into an ape.
    Paul Stevens, Milton, Ont.
  • No military incursion is worth it, when you don’t know who your real enemy is, as we saw in Afghanistan, where NATO soldiers were continually shot in the back by their so-called allies.
    Arthur Rubinoff, Toronto.
  • Afghanistan is the most recent example of a war that Canada should have had nothing to…

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