A New Constitutional Convention.

America needs a new Constitutional Convention.

1.  TERM LIMITS on all Elective and Appointed Government Offices:

a.  Congress:  Four Terms and Out, No Retirement, No Lifelong Benefits, Abolish/Modify the Senate
b.  SCOTUS:  20 year terms and Outc.  President:  Two Terms and Out

Electoral College Abolished
War Powers Modified
Treaty Ratification Modified
Sovereignty Clause Strengthened

A New Bill of Rights

1.  The Right to Privacy shall not be abridged, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Speech and Freedom from Censorship, Political Correctness Banned2.  Freedom OF and FROM Religion, Relgiion Based Legislation Banned, No Right to NOT be offended. Persons who agitate for Religious governance to be exiled, deported.  This includes but is not limited to Islamic Sharia.
3.  The Right to Bear Arms as Protection from an OVER REACHING GOVERNMENT
4.  ONE PERSON, ONE VOTE:  For Citizens, LIVING Citizens, Corporations are not PEOPLE and get no VOTE.  Campaign Finance Reform across the board.  No campaign donations from Corporations.  Limit on Funding to Political Candidates.
5.  Abolish the Income Tax:  Taxing a Man’s Labor is Enslavement.
6.  Consumption Tax:  Pay for the Government via Corporate Taxes and Taxes on Consumer Products.  No Food Sales Tax on Basic Foodstuffs.
7.  The Right of the people to STRIKE against Corporate Greed and Malfeasance shall not be abridged.  The Government shall side with the people and not the Corporation.
8.  Complete overhaul of the Immigration Standards and Practices
9.  Wars on ________ shall be forever more abolished and illegal.  No more War on Terror, Drugs, Poverty or anything
10.  Re-enforcement of Impeachment and Trial of Government officials.  Corrupt officials shall be tried by the people.  Corporations out of the process.
11.  Natural Resources are the property of the people.  Not Corporations.  Corporate Leasing of Natural Resources.  Funds from said leasing replace, partially, the revenues from income taxes.
12.  Corporate Lobbying of the “People’s Representatives” legislated away and enforced with strict penalties for both representatives and corporations.
13.  Despoiling of natural resources (waterways, lands, etc) shall be made illegal upon pain of death.  If a Corporate CEO runs a company that despoils a river, that CEO faces the death penalty.  If a Corporate CEO runs a company that causes cancer or other disease of illness due to pollution of lands, air or water, that CE faces the death penalty.  If a People’s Representative attempts to cover up for that CEO, that representative also faces the death penalty.
14.  Transparency in Governance:  All Government Documents will be made available to the public.
15.  National Security & Transparency:  Officials will be elected to run oversight of National Security programs.  These persons will hold office for a period not to exceed then years.  
16.  Healthcare:  A basic healthcare system will be established.  Fair and non-punitive taxes on Alcohol, Drug, Tobacco, Gambling will be set aside to pay for this.  No citizen will be made to be bankrupt due to healthcare issues.  Frivolous lawsuits when settled shall result in the attorney and the client being imprisoned.  American Drug policy overhauled. 
17.  Commerce Clause restricted.
18.  Corporations and CEOs shall not be involved in the Governance of the Nation nor will they be allowed to sit on secret committees to make policy.
19.  Censorship will be banned in the United States.
20.  The Internet will be a free zone for American citizens.
21.  Writ of Habeus Corpus re-iterated and strengthened.
22.  Castle Clause established as an axiomatic right of all citizens.
23.  Property ownership strengthened.  Property Taxes on (first) Homes eliminated.
24.  Taxation on Ex-Pats eliminated.
25.  IRS abolished.
26.  The right of the citizens to impeach and try a President shall be established.
27.  Political Party funding, resourcing.  Political Corruption Penalties Severe.
28.  Elections fair and open.
29.  English and Spanish Official Languages of the United States.  (Indian Languages:  Unofficial Favored Langauges). 
30.  Education Reform:  Commitment to Maths and Sciences.  History shall be uncolored by Political preferences and shall be laid bare.  No mandatory prayer in school.  No special rooms for any religions for prayer, Religions unrecognized in schools, No Pledge of Allegiance.
31.  Religion is personal.  Banned from the Government in any form.  No preference from the Government for any Religion. 
32.  International AID:  Abolished
33.  Defense of Europe:  MADE ILLEGAL
34.  Interference in the affairs of other Nations:  MADE ILLEGAL upon pain of death.

That’s a good start.  What would you add? 



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