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Prologue Jakarta, Indonesia, 5th December 1975

“I would now like to speak to you, Mr President, about another problem.” Suharto paused for effect before enunciating the single word with visible distaste. “Timor.” Kissinger glanced quickly over to Ford before returning his attention back to Suharto. So the Station Chief had been on the money after all. He’d been wondering if the sly old bastard would bring it up. He just hoped the President could recall his own briefings on the subject. Suharto paused to allow them all to shift gears from the implications of Vietnam and potential communist infiltration through Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia, took a sip from his tea, then continued. “When it looked as if the Portuguese rule would end in Timor we sought to encourage the Portuguese to an orderly decolonisation process. We had agreement with them on such a process and we recognised the authority of…

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