Cliven Bundy, The State and Conservative Cowards



On the “Conservative” over-reaction to Cliven Bundy:

Cowards. The guy wasn’t saying that black people belonged in slavery or would be better off as slaves as opposed to being free people.  He was talking about a specific subset of black people. He was referring to those on the government dole.  He wasn’t PC, so, of course, the PC cowards ran from his statement.  In my opinion, he had a valid point. Crudely made but a valid point. I’ve often wondered the same thing. Not specifically about black people or black people on the government dole but about people in general who are dependent upon the government.  When dependent upon the government, one is not a free person. One is subject to the whims of the State. This is a form of servitude.

It is growing worse. As people become more and more ignorant of the truth, they are falling for the demonization of the government dependent even as the STATE is forcing more and more of the citizenry into dependence.  After all, what is “Obamacare” but a crude and coercive expansion of citizen dependence upon the State. Now, we have States and other entities which wish to fully invade the nearly non-existent privacy of any individual who is dependent upon the government. Urinalysis checks, in home checks, child safety and welfare checks.

How long before a provision is added to the Affordable Care Act requiring urinalysis testing prior to receipt of any “benefits?”  (Remember Liberals, there will come a time when the GOP takes the White House and Congress.  The worm always turns.)  Is this what you call freedom?  It is definitively not what I call freedom.

Bundy’s point on “putting their men in prison” (paraphrased as I can’t recall exact wording) is potent. But no one listens to this truth because he used the word “negro” and his point was made crudely.  Black leaders go on and on about the prison population of America being essentially a BLACK population and the “War on Drugs” being aimed at America’s young, black male population. Bundy was essentially speaking to this truth and because he used the term “Negro” BOOM! he’s a racist.  (On a side note, I had no idea that Negro was an unacceptable term.  I guess it’s like the term “niggardly.”  It sounds vaguely racist to liberals and, therefore, it must be a bad word.  PC Censorship at it’s finest.)

So, what we are saying is that we must couch our truths in lies in order for them to be accepted and understood.  Cliven Bundy stated what many others have stated over the years. However, he’s a white, redneck, country, inarticulate old fella and, therefore, is not allowed to speak truths.  How dare a white man speak about problems in the Black community. Fuck….I mean if an old white dude can see it…well, there are issues.

I had black and white friends growing up. When the Black kids came home with me, Grandpa Les treated them exactly the same as he treated the White kids.  Yet, my Grandfather used the word “nigger” once in front of me.  I think I was 14 at the time.  In explaining to me his reason for his quitting smoking, he said;  “I couldn’t afford cigarettes for me and the niggers at work.”   He would be considered racist by PC folks like Glenn Beck and Rachel Maddow.  I never saw him treat black people differently from white people.  He worked, ate lunch, socialized with Black folks daily for a couple of decades at his garage.  I never heard him make a disparaging remark about Black people in general.  Just that one statement.  Yet, despite his daily interactions with Black folks and despite his friendship towards and total lack of negativity towards my Black friends or me for having Black friends, that one instance of his use of the “N” word would be enough to destroy him in the minds of politically correct idiots in the media and politics.

There is a strain of racism and/or bigotry in all of us.  There is always a degree of a lack of understanding and empathy with/for the other in each of us.  Why can’t they…..? Why won’t they…..?  Cliven Bundy, like all of us, has his prejudices, I am certain of it. I am certain of it because I have never met a human being who did not have prejudices.  To sit here and pretend that you are without them is a great lie…it is self deception.  It’s cowardice, duplicitous and a complete lack of self-knowledge. It is denial. It is hypocrisy.

AND the thing that most of America is missing is that all of this talk of racism (division) brings about is a diversion. A diversion from the real issue.  Cliven Bundy is a “racist bum.”  Therefore, the State can do as it pleases with him. In the exact same manner that it persecutes and oppresses those who are dependent upon the government.  However, let’s not talk about the State and it’s assault on the rights of the Citizenry.  Instead, let us speak about racism.

Meanwhile, pee in that bottle like a good little boy and girl.  Stand in line for security at the airport, let the TSA goon molest you.  Don’t complain when the police “mistakenly” raid your home for drugs.  You’re free.  You’re secure.  We are doing it all for you says the STATE.

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