Sometimes The Grass is Greener

I’ve been thinking about this of late. I took a new job BECAUSE I thought the “grass would be greener.” I had worked in the last position (@ DynCorp International) for a little over a year. Every system and area with which I was charged, I had improved. I brought positive change with every accomplishment at the old place.

However, it wasn’t enough. The leadership was not. Leadership on the contract was stagnant.  They didn’t seek improvements.  They sought the status quo.  They rarely left the office.  They were clueless.  The government agents charged with ensuring that our contract was both able to accomplish our mission and that we actually did accomplish our mission were not interested in the actual mission. They were more interested in petty nonsense and hindering the mission in order to hurt the contract .

The government hired us to do a job and the government did it’s steady best to ensure that we were hindered at every moment, in every endeavor, on every issue.

So, I took a new job. A job offered to me by friends. A job that I am able to accomplish. A job wherein the government goes out of it’s way to ensure that we can actually accomplish our mission.  The government agents here seem as if they actually want success.  They’re not concerned with how much square foot of space each person is allocated.  They’re not constantly harping on vehicles that are used daily to accomplish the mission.  There is an air of responsibility, mission, can do…and a distinct lack of lunatic bureaucracy.

The grass is greener over here.

I did everything in my power to water the grass in the last place. Nothing that I did made any lasting difference because those who controlled the spigot and those who owned the water wasted it instead of harnessing it’s power.

Sometimes, there’s an actual drought. Sometimes, there is a dam in the way of progress. Sometimes, the idiots at the head of the fountain are pissing poison into the water supply.

Sometimes, it’s better to move on to greener pastures.

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