Yes, because I think this is important. A lot of white America and so-called liberal people of color, along with conservatives, ask, “Do I understand context?” And that’s part of wanting to completely humanize the oppressor. To see the white man as always reasonable, always pure, always deliberate, always complex and always innocent. And to see the woman of color as literal. Both my intent behind the hashtag and in my [unintelligible] distance, is always about forcing an apology on me for not understanding their context when, in reality, they misunderstood us when they made us a punch line again. So it’s always this logic of how can we understand whiteness better, and that’s never been my politics. I’ve always been about occupying the margins and strengthening the margins and what that means is that, for a long time, whiteness has also occupied the margins. Like, people of color get in circles with no white people in the room and we see that whiteness still operates. So I think it’s kind of a shock for America that whiteness has dominant society already, it also seeps into the margins. What happens the one time when the margins seep into the whiteness and we encroach on their space? It’s like the sky is falling.


Soooooo…….WHITE PEOPLE are always supposed to be accommodating and never offensive to the poor, oppressed minority in America.  I do not know WHITE PEOPLE who think as she suggests.  I do know quite a few WHITE PEOPLE who are tired of being told that it’s not ok to actually be WHITE.  Somehow, WHITE PEOPLE are supposed to be NOT WHITE around any and all “people of color.”
Maybe we need an all White Nation where WHITE PEOPLE can just be fuckin’ WHITE.

Asian folks all have a country wherein they are not expected to be anything but that.

Thais have Thailand.

The Chinese have China.

Burmese have…well, Myanmar.

Laos have Laos.

Vietnamese have Vietnam.

Indonesians have Indonesia.

Indians have India.

And so on and so forth. Africans have a whole fuckin’ continent.

However, the lands of the White people have been taken over by everyone else. And everyone else wants the WHITE PEOPLE to be sensitive to their plight.

If you are Thai and you want Thai culture, take a little vacation to Thailand. Get all warm and fuzzy and come back to Whiteville.

Get the fuck over it.

Get the fuck over yourself.


I’m beginning to understand why there exist White People who want to have an all White America.

I love other cultures. I live and work in two completely different cultures and I find them wonderful and fascinating (much of the time).

Asian people, Black people, everyone and anyone else…if you don’t like White People, don’t move to America or Europe. If you don’t like living with White People, don’t move to America or Europe.

If you are already living in one of these places and don’t like it, there are many places where Black or African or Chinese or Thai or Cambodians or whomever are THE MAJORITY.

If you live in America, you are free to emigrate to one of those places. Please do so.

White People can only accommodate so far. After that, there is going to be a backlash.

I love and am friends with folks of nearly every people, race, religion, ethnicity represented on this planet…and even I am getting sick of this stupid fucking shit.


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