Why Should The Wealthy Pick Up Their Share?

Why should the rich pay more tax than the average American citizen?

The military since World War II has almost exclusively been used to safeguard markets, build markets and patrol the sea lanes for commerce.

If that’s not enough, low wages and job cuts caused technological advances among other things and by the desire inflate stock prices causes welfare rolls and public entitlements to increasingly expand.

United States corporations, as all corporations, pay the lowest possible wages for the most possible work. Americans are wage slaves held hostage at the point of a figurative gun. Mortgages are a gun held to the head of every family in America. Rent is a figurative gun held to the head of every American family.

Of course, we have the “War on Drugs.” This nightmare of American fascism is spurned on by corporations in order to inflate use and consumption of military hardware granting greater profits to the corporate heads of America’s Military Industrial Congressional Complex. The fascist drug war targets the poor in order to increase profits for corporations at the expense of the average American citizen who wants nothing more than to be left alone. Lobbyist for firearms, military equipment and armored vehicle manufacturers and police equipment manufacturers profit handsomely from this wretched endeavor.

The criminalization of the poor in America keeps our prisons full. To ensure that there is a place to housed our profit motivated, politically manufactured “citizen” criminals, primarily poor and under or unemployed Americans, we have given a boost to construction and privatized prison (gulag) builders.

The rich profit from all of this by creating the need via punitive legislation targeted at the poor.

This is not to mention the courts which the wealthy purchase at the price of the soul of America.

Why should the rich pay more taxes? Why should they not? They benefit from every facet of the lives of the poor.

For who fights our wars? What is the cost of the blood of American soldiers?

For the wealthy, who profit immensely from the flood of blood, the mountains of lost limbs and the lives of American soldiers, apparently, no price is to minimal to shirk.


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