American Fascist — 1LT Matt Thomson


Is there anything worse than an American Police Officer who thinks he’s a genius?  I know a lot of cops.  Not too many of them are geniuses.  I’m not saying that they are idiots but there aren’t many mental heavy weights amongst the police.

Now, we have a show called Weed Country.

It isn’t looking good for the police.  They look like a group of Nazi Storm Troopers.  In the latest episode, a group of police officers led by this complete jackass, Lt. Matt Thomson, are running around the woods in California trying to catch hippies growing marijuana out in the sticks.

Really!  That’s the most important thing that these guys have dreamed up to “protect and serve” the California Republic.  They’re chasing hippies to burn down, uproot or otherwise destroy a few stalks of marijuana.

Boy!  I bet Californians are happy to have their tax dollars wasted on such an important task.  The mission to stop a couple of good old boys or hippies from making a couple of hundred dollars selling marijuana.

Meanwhile, Alcohol is sold at the corner market.

What a bunch of goons.

Lt. Thomson is the leader of a bunch of wannabe boy scouts out in the hills playing soldier.  Maybe they’ll all break their legs chasing those heinous marijuana growers.  OH MY GAWD!

Lt. Thomson and his Nazi goons are deserving of a special place in hell.

The worst part of it was the complete moron who said; “I’ve seen America go from great to good…and marijuana is what caused it.”

Really?  The greatest evil in American history and what has brought America low is marijuana.  A plant that grows in the wild….in nature.

Yes, the California police are complete idiots.  They’re a bunch of fascist jackoffs who think that they are doing a service to California and America by fabricating a generation of Felons for the HIGH CRIME of selling marijuana to Cancer patients and Mothers of epileptic children for whom marijuana may be a life saver.

What part of stupid do these guys think absolves them from their Statist Fascist crimes against humanity.

Lt. Matt Thomson, you and your ilk are all criminals.  You should be tried and imprisoned exactly like the Nazi scum in Nuremburg.  Sheriff Lopy, I hope they put you in the cell right next to Matt.

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