Kentucky to the NIT


”There’s no way we should lose to Georgia.”

Archie Goodwin


That’s how the season has gone.  There’s no way that Kentucky should be this bad.

But they are…

I have a buddy who is always tagging me with comments about the Kentucky “Mildcats.”   This year, the tag fits like it was tailor made.


2 comments on “Kentucky to the NIT

  1. well not ” always” MILDCATS lol
    (but you can be prone to exaggerate) …
    post Noel they are … but I’m not a spoiled fan ( LOL )
    and give 18 year old millionaires to be a couple years to mature before performing miricles ……
    Last year was truely unique.
    Next year looks rosey and they are likely to have sharp teeth again !!!
    Lucky since UNC-CH is scheduled again! LOL
    as I hope the two teams will be in future years!
    see ya

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