Maryland Police Initiate New Retard Euthanasia Program


Want to get rid of that drain on your financial resources?  Just send his retarded ass to Frederick, Maryland.  The police will take him out for you.

That’s right.  And the beauty of this program is that it is tax payer subsidized.  The only costs incurred by you are transportation to the theater, body removal to the funeral home and burial expenses.

Yes, just like in Nazi Germany.  The State will expose of your retard for you — FREE OF CHARGE.  Send him or her on over today!

Imagine the savings.  That freeloading little piece of shit will never again drain your resources.

Send your little retard to a Frederick, Maryland theater soon.  Feel the freedom of no longer having to support that worthless little son of a bitch.

After he’s gone, you can take that European Vacation for which you’ve been longing for lo these many years.



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