The Courier Journal, Kentucky Fans and the Rivalry


There probably aren’t many bigger fans of Kentucky Basketball than myself.  I’m sure that there are a couple.

I’ve specifically traveled from Afghanistan and Thailand just to see UK play games and to attend the SEC Tournament and, oh by the way, “Hey Momma!”

That’s some effort.

Even though I am a huge fan of the Cats Basketball, I just can’t bring myself to be such a sensitive little chump about everything that is said, posted, written or drawn about the Cats.

For instance, the cartoon above.  It says to me the following:

1.  Nerlens Noel meant a lot to this team.

2.  Without Noel, UK is going to have trouble getting into the NCAA Tournament.

3.  The NIT is a likely destination this year despite Cal’s posturing and attempts to say that “this team is special.”  Special how?

The cartoon also says “get well soon Nerlens” which I thought was a nice touch.

Many UK fans with their strange and unique combination of inferiority/superiority complexes saw nothing but insult in this cartoon.

I see reality.

Reality is not insulting.  It’s just reality.

UK fans are apt to overlook every good thing that someone does if one supports Louisville as an athletic program.  Oftentimes, UK fans can not separate the city of Louisville from the University of Louisville.

I’m no UL fan.  Honestly, I tried once or twice to root for UL.  It just didn’t work for me.  I felt queezy in red.  I felt like I was somehow committing a crime…or something.  It just didn’t feel right.  After years of following UK and not hating UL but not really feeling much of anything excluding game days,  I really don’t feel anything for UL.  They’re just there and I don’t care.

The Courier Journal is a Louisville News Organization.  Of course, they are going to be homer-ish.  It is not the CJ’s fault that the Lexington Herald is full of people who have taken it upon themselves to “hate” on Kentucky Basketball.  Jerry Tipton is a Lexington curse.  The CJ can’t help that.  Just because Jerry takes every opportunity that he can to bash on UK even reaching to the ends of the known universe to create, lie and generally make shit up in order to create bad press for UK or it’s team members.  Jerry Tipton is not the fault of the Courier Journal.   Jerry Tipton is more than likely not on Tom Jurichs’ payroll.

Why do Kentucky Fans whine so much?  The program is a winning program.  It’s great to be a Kentucky Basketball Fan.  Even on strange down years like this.  The only bad aspect of being a UK fan is the fans who have lost touch with reality.

You know them!

Maker’s Mark places an advertisement on I-64 with a Cardinal on it.  UK fans scream, “Let’s boycott Maker’s Mark!”

Maker’s Mark?  Boycott Maker’s Mark?

Maker’s Mark is as Kentucky as KFC (KENTUCKY Fried Chicken).

Papa John’s owner donates money to both UK and UL.  You’d never know it if you were speaking only to UK fans.   UK fans overwhelmingly hate the guy.  Doesn’t matter that he’s spent quite a bit of money on UK and assisted with Calipari’s charity efforts.

I’m surprised that Kentucky fans are still including McCarty as part of the ’96 Championship Team.  After all, he went to work for the Louisville Cardinals for Rick Pitino. McCarty coached at UL.  Now…explain to me again, pls, WHY am I supposed to hate Rick Pitino?

It gets old.  The whole UL thing.  The saying goes that UL is “Little Brother” and UK is “Big Brother.”  If that is the case, why do so many UK fans act like a little brother constantly whining about their big brother picking on them?

Nothing wrong with the rivalry.  I love the rivalry.  It’s the stupidity, faux outrage and other imbecilic movements surrounding the rivalry that astound and keep me flabbergasted.

Finally, we have the Calipari worship.  I know this will not be well received.  Too many UK fans worship this guy.  Want proof.  Go to some UK board or a similar place and say something slightly critical of Cal.

For example, “Cal has failed to get Goodwin and Poythress to buy into the program?”

You’d think that you just slapped a baby on an airplane by the reaction that you will get.

Now, change that around.  “Goodwin and Poythress haven’t bought into the program.”

You’ll get a completely different reaction.   Why?  Because that is not a direct criticism of Cal.  It’s ok to say that something hasn’t happened as long as you don’t level any of the blame or criticism towards Coach Cal.

Get Cal involved and the little old ladies and grumpy old men on the boards lose their minds.  It’s sadly hilarious.  These people worship Cal.

It irks me to no end.

I love what Cal has done but he isn’t perfect and he’s certainly no God.

Just don’t tell that to the majority of Kentucky Basketball fans.  If you do say it out loud, remember to duck.


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