Israel and it’s Defense Force

Palestine Youth in the Crosshairs

This is a result of a combination of perpetual war, Israeli myopia, Israeli aggression, Arab Muslim aggression and the Arab/Palestinian use of civilians as human shields.

Both sides are guilty of dehumanizing the other.  I have had conversations with Israelis and with Palestinians.  They did not speak of “the other” as fellow humans but as targets to be killed.  They spoke of each other as enemies.  There was never a mention of reaching agreement or to coming together to solve the issues.  It was only winning the battle that mattered.  For Palestinians, winning is complete control of the Palestinian State.  For Israelis, it is the same but they rule the day.  There is no ending this stalemate short of a holocaust of one side or the other.

Israel did not come to this point on it’s own.

Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Iran all share blame in this ongoing tragedy.

The Israeli have allowed themselves to become their enemy. They’ve allowed themselves to morph into the same monsters that they fight.

That’s the shame of it.

Israel needs a sea change in cultural attitudes. Their policies with the Arabs need a thorough review and evaluation.

I’m of the opinion that the Israelis should back off completely. Withdraw unilaterally to the pre-67 boundaries sans Jerusalem.

Let the Palestinians do as they will.  Let time pass.  If the Palestinians still wish to fight, IDF can justify their actions.

Right now, Israel needs to back off.

It’s past time for change on this front.

I can no longer tell who is the terrorist and who is the victim.

All of that said, I can never support the creation of another oppressive Islamic State.  A Palestinian State as it stands right now would be another Muslim Brotherhood sponsored despotic Islamic State that oppresses all but especially targets non-Muslims.

Israel is wrong.  So is Palestine.

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