Favorite Items from my Travels

Favorite items from my travels

Painting by Unny Urai Klangkongsap

1. Buffalo horn — Laos
2. the two Buddhas in the corners — Laos
3. Buddha bust — Bagram, Greatt Afghanistan
4. Standing Buddha on the floor — Jatjujak Market, Bangkok
4. Small Buddha in the center — Unny’s parents
5. Larger Buddha — Siem Reap, Cambodia
6. Book shelf — Chiangmai, Thailand
7. Buddha door knocker — Herat, Afghanistan
8. Long dagger — Jerusalem, Israel
9. Short ceremonial knife, Central Asian Steppes
10. Buffalo horn tiger — Chiangmai
11. Bottle opener — Jalalabad Road, Afghanistan
12. Afghan coin (forbidden coin) — Kabul, Afghanistan
13. Allah pendant — Cairo, Egypt
14. Smoking pipe — Salatai, Thailand
15.  Bone necklace and wristlet — Beijing, China
16.  Fijian Sergeants Major wrist badge — Sinai, Egypt

Water Buffalo Horn

Antique Teak wood pipe from Hill Tribes in Salatae, Thailand.

and assorted other items.

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