Civil War Re-enactment Uniforms for Sale

I am posting these items on my blog as I wish to sell them.  I did some re-enacting back in the ’90s but now live overseas.  There’s no place to use these items in Southeast Asia.  Basically, these things simply take up room in storage.  I’d like to sell them for a fair price.  If interested, pls contact me via this blog or at

I have five boxes full of these items.  Most of the items are in fair to new/used conditions.  A few items are unserviceable but easily repairable.

I want to sell all of the Civil War items in one group.  If you are interest please contact by email.
Thanks, Dave

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4 comments on “Civil War Re-enactment Uniforms for Sale

  1. Sir-

    I am just getting started with reenacting, literally did my first event today.

    I’m snake-bitten, and am hoping to go to Gettysburg with my unit in a few weeks.

    It looks like you have an awesome collection; Have you had any takers yet? If you still have the gear, I may be interested, but need some more info. Feel free to shoot me an email if any of it is still available.


  2. Have you sold these items? I work with a group that would appreciate all of these, as they are just getting truly organized. And are in dire need of equipment. Thanks

  3. Hi Dave – WOW, this is a great collection so clearly you were very into this at the time. So sorry you had to leave it behind but I’m sure life overseas is pretty interesting as well! I work at a school district in NJ and some local reenactment groups will be coming to our two middle schools in May & June where our students will join them as soldiers and citizens for the day. We are in the middle of raising money to find as many uniforms as we can. If you haven’t sold all your items yet and have any left that you would like to either donate or sell at a “school affordable” price, we would love to hear from you.

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