The Death of the American Dream?


They say that we’ve killed the American dream.

I don’t know about all of that. What is the American dream? Is it a luxurious life of fabulous wealth? Is the American dream simply to own a home?

Neither of those are my dream and I am an American. Is mine an unAmerican dream?

Many of my dreams have been fulfilled. I wanted to love an amazing woman. I wanted to be in the world and experience it’s people and cultures, to travel widely across the globe. I’ve not seen everything or visited every place that I would choose to see but life allots us only so much time. I wanted good friends.

I wanted to have enjoyable, carefree moments and to live along the edge of life where death and danger cross paths with life and beauty.

I’ve done all of these things.

So what is the American dream? Is it merely the possession of a house and enough money to comfortably die therein.  That is not my dream.

My dream is to live until I die.  I have done this and will continue to do so.

What is your American Dream?

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