Obama, Sanctions and a World Drowning in it’s own Blood


Obama is big on economic sanctions. Sanctions only work when the leadership of a nation cares about the welfare of their people. If the leadership of a nation cared about their people, sanctions would not be necessary in the first place.

Think about it.

When have sanctions truly worked. Didn’t work in Iraq. Didn’t work for Britain against the American Colonies. Didn’t work for the American colonists against Britain. Didn’t work for the South against Britain in the American Civil War. Didn’t work in the Balkans. Neither did they work with World War 1 or 2 Germany. Nor the Soviet Union during the Cold War. They aren’t working now with Syria or Iran.

Air wars do not work either. Even in the Balkans which was primarily an air war, we had to occupy with ground forces.

The initial Air War in Afghanistan was a failure which led to massive troop deployments.

Violence works. But usually it is only a short term fix. Every war has led to other wars. Most of the wars occurring now find their seeds of discontent in the outcomes of the Second World War.

War is a tool. The problem is that we never follow through. We tire of our wars. We run out of patience, will, resources. Therefore, we leave every war half finished.

That leads directly to wars of the future.

When the United States pulls back with Obama’s leadership, it will leave a power vacuum. Geo-political power vacuums are never filled peacefully.

Men decide the outcomes of most struggles violently.

This bothers me not in the least. Let them kill each other. The earth is overcrowded as it is. America, I think, grows weary of holding back the teeming masses of brutish thugs. Set them loose.

But keep our military strong enough to keep them at bay should they decide to try American resolve at our borders.


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