All Men Are NOT Created Equal

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I don’t think that humans are divine or that life is sacred. We, humanity, certainly do not act as if life is sacred. History shows that life is held cheap. Hence, Wars and slavery, conquest, religious and political persecution, genocide, rape and pillage.

Men and women are as important as the value which we assign to them or the value that a person achieves through their deeds.

We are not equal. We each have talents more or less than others. We are what we set upon our path to be. Nothing more and nothing less. Some wish to be nothing. Others wish to be more than that and more than what they might have been had they not taken it upon themselves to strive to be.

A couch potato, trailer park dwelling bigot has little or no value in the grand scheme of things. Yet, a man such as Einstein or Subotai, Salah al Din or Stephen Hawking leaves a great mark upon humanity. They proved themselves of more value to humanity.

Equality is nonsense. Tolerance is even more idiotic.

I can accept differences in humanity. I will not tolerate those that serve me ill. And why should I? In the name of tolerance and some ill devised sense of equality.

I’m not saying that we should run around murdering people who are different or those with different ideals. Conversely, I don’t think we should tolerate ignorance such as Islamic sharia simply because we wish to be egalitarian. This facade of equality is nonsense. All men are not created equal. If such was the case, we would all be equal. There would be no paupers. There would be no Kings. We would all be clones.

To be certain, some start off with cultural or economic or some other type of advantage that places them above others at the start. Then again, there are examples such as the aforementioned Subotai who came from nothing and became the, arguably, greatest General in the history of humankind.

And none of this is based upon superficial traits such as race, religion, skin color, hair color, length of limbs or forehead size.

One comment on “All Men Are NOT Created Equal

  1. What decides which traits are ‘superficial’? See, the thing is, existential nihilism (value subjectivism) is true. There really is nothing to anything.
    Personally, I don’t even care about ‘society’ or the ‘future of mankind’ or any of that transcendental nonsense at all. What does it matter? What control do I have over it, even if it did? Social position, friends, marriage, sex, etc…these are all part of the trap people work themselves into – the lie that the apeling’s accustomed habits and/or popularity among witless nobodies somehow conveys value.
    You don’t like Shariah law? Well, take a look at the Federal Code sometime. If you think that’s better you’re from another fucking dimension. Of course, I don’t really care what you think of the Federal Code, or Shariah law – because your opinion is entirely irrelevant to the enacting of either (or neither) of these.
    Once you stop thinking about other people as though you live in a tribal ape society, and realise the scale of mankind, you pretty much stop giving a shit. Kill ’em all and let their imaginary gods sort ’em out.
    I used to be all into politics, government oppression and robbery, arguing against religious dogmas, etc. Then I realised that people don’t care about logic (as the Gnostic knew long ago, most humans aren’t people – they’re animated lumps of clay, unreflective and unilluminated non-persons) and even if they did no amount of effort at logical or ideological argumentation would make any meaningful difference on my life. And don’t get me started on the breeders.

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