The Crusades through Muslim Eyes

Basically, the Crusades about which Muslims eternally whine were made possible by the internecine squabbles of Muslim rulers of the era and were conducted against a group of “Muslim” rulers who had taken control of Islam and the area in which the Crusaders attacked for one hundred years and less.

I find this ironic and humorous.

The Crusades through Arab Eyes by Amin Maalouf

Read it.  It’s an eye opener.

Basically, the Muslim world knows nothing of their own history.

Baghdad of this era was fought over by a group of brother rulers/caliphs over a period of 30 months.  In that time, Baghdad changed hands eight times for an average of every one hundred days.

Seljuk Princes were constantly squabbling with each other over the lands eventually taken by the “Franj” (Franks/Crusaders) which made it possible for the invading Europeans to take the Syria, Palestine and other areas piecemeal and quite literally at their [the Franj] leisure.

Muslim leaders also made and/or offered political alliances to the “Franj” against their brother Muslims.

Yet, the Muslims whine constantly about the Crusades.

Muslims learn your history before you whine again about the crusades.

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