Presidential Election 2012 ~ The Intelligent Choice

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Speaking of politics, there is no real intelligent choice. Obama has some good and some bad points. Same with Romney. Both, though, are on the side of despotism and against real empowerment of the people. Both are secretive and, despite their sly sentiments and outright lies, are less transparent than a California mudslide.

There is no intelligent choice in this election and, with few exceptions (Lincoln, Madison, possibly TR), there probably hasn’t been one since Thomas Jefferson ran against Adams.

The people who should run will not run because they will not be savaged by the masses and the uber-idiotic professional politicians. No one with real integrity will touch American politics with a ten foot pole and full haz-mat suit.

And it’s our own fault. We created this.

I’d vote for the corpse of Andrew Jackson before I’d waste my time voting for one of the carbon copied whores running for President in this election cycle.

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