Religion of Peace

Why do people deny so much of the obvious and so much of history in order to speak well of religions such as Islam and Christianity?

Are these people incapable of comprehension?  Are they illiterate?

Religions of Peace.

A religion of peace does not participate in conquest.  A religion of peace does not commit genocide.  A religion of peace does not require blood sacrifice.

How are genocide, conquest or blood sacrifice considered peaceful?

The Jews committed genocide throughout the Old Testament.

Islam is a Imperial Religion that used Allah as justification to conquer lands from India to Spain and back again.

Christianity is a religion whose God required a sacrifice of blood in order for it’s adherents to receive their eternal reward.

This is all violence.  This is not peace.

Christians love to say that Jesus died for their sins.  NO!  Jesus was violently executed for your sins.  And you call that peace.

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