Palestinian Democracy!



The Palestinian newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida reported last week that six people have been arrested in the West Bank and one of them sentenced to a month in prison for “desecrating the holiness of the month of Ramadan by eating in public during daytime.” “Our streets are Islamic,” said the chairman of the Palestinian sharia court, and legislation should be enacted to “severely punish” anyone who eats publicly during the Muslim holy month.

Fasting during Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam, and under Islamic law, eating and drinking, smoking, and sexual relations are prohibited from sunrise until sunset during that month. According to the Times of Israel, article 274 of the Palestinian penal code states that citizens who violate Ramadan by eating or smoking in public can be punished by a month in prison or a fine of 15 Jordanian dinars – about 21 U.S. dollars.


Islamic Sharia law is strongly supported by the affluent few. It persecutes the poorest and most vulnerable among those living under the tyranny and terror of Sharia Law. In most countries with Sharia Law the Jews and Christians have been killed or left long ago. The poor are the ones to be flogged, amputated, crucified now days. The vast majority of the people who live under Sharia Law are people deemed “dispensable,” and to whom human rights do NOT exist. The vast majority of people living under the terror and tyranny of Sharia Law have no basic human rights. The people are subjected to the Sharia atrocities. The masses under Sharia Law have NO CHOICE or chance to a secular trial, where they could be imprisoned, instead of having hands of feet amputated. The vast majority will be quickly flogged, amputated, or executed.

The existence of Sharia Islamic law, by its very nature, means the negation of any other mode of dispensing justice to all be the very affluent few. When faced with amputation; no human being, no matter how devout, will ever choose amputation over imprisonment! We should be aware of the REALITY that amputation is the punishment of petty thieves. In societies under Sharia Islamic law, the REALITY is that big time thieves, are rewarded. Who would not choose the prison term rather than the permanent damage caused by amputation? The very affluent elite may get a choice, but NO Christian, or any of the masses under the terror and tyranny of Sharia Islamic law, will get the choice. It is AMPUTATION of Hand, Foot, or Head.

Under Sharia law it is absolutely impossible for women to hope for secular family law existing side by side with Islamic religious law. It is folly to think that under Sharia law that a woman can hope for a divorce or a custody case to be reviewed before a secular court. The essence of Islamic Sharia is to give men the right to control women and deprive them from the freedom to choose as can be seen from the obsession of fundamentalists with women’s dress and behavior. Under Sharia law women’s private lives is what the religious laws are uncompromisingly eager to control. Subjecting women to Islamic Sharia laws by so-called personal status law, or family law, allows men to completely dominate them. We should also remember that Sharia-based family law, approves and sanctions slavery. Any Sharia law state where men slaves were able to get access to civil courts, to be set free, still keeps it impossible for women slaves. Sharia law essentially makes it impossible for a female slave to obtain freedom without the consent of her owner.

A great example of Muslim characteristic hypocrisy may be seen in the Islamic states which allowed the so called binary legal system. In these states Islamic Sharia law would coexist side by side with secular law. The Islamic Sharia law promoters are notorious for fanatically assassinating their foes, and abusing women. Sharia law promoters muzzle, intimidate, and assassinate journalists and intellectuals. The Sharia law promoters establish death Fatwas. That is how Sharia law promoters deal with any form of literary criticism. I will likely get several death Fatwas for exposing the truth in this little article. But my God is bigger than their god.


The Palestinian Authority (PA) has launched a crackdown on people eating in public during the Muslim fast month of Ramadan, reports Palestinian Media Watch (PMW). Although Hamas-run Gaza is typically seen as a hotbed of Islamic fundamentalism, the PA-controlled West Bank is at the center of this harsh enforcement of Sharia law.

The cleric in charge of the PA’s Supreme Court of Sharia Law recently declared that the government should enact legislation prohibiting eating in public during Ramadan.

“Our streets are Islamic,” Sheikh Yusuf Ida’is said. “Any person caught committing this sin in public during Ramadan has to be imprisoned until the end of Ramadan, as an example to others” and in deference to Muslims’ feelings. He also said that the legislation should apply to non-Muslims and those incapable of fasting, a severe restriction on Christians in the West Bank, who represent about 10 percent of the population.

According to PA official newspaper al-Hayat al-Jadida, six people have been arrested since Ramadan started July 19. A court in Jericho, a formerly liberal town that even hosted casinos for Israelis, sentenced one man to a month in prison for breaking the fast publicly.


I know folks who support Palestine in their fight against Israel.  These persons belong to groups that are named “Palestinian Democracy” and “People for a Democratic Palestine.”  These folks are fools.  Complete and utter fools.

What part of Sharia law in the Constitution of Palestine do these tools not understand?  What behavior amongst the Palestinian Leadership seems Democratic to these tools?

These folks remind me of the Useful Idiots of Stalin lore.  They allow themselves to be talked into believing anything because of their hatred for Israel or America or because Ireland was put through horrors by England and the West did not come to their aid.  Now they see Palestinian Democracy as a reasonable cause to support.

The problem is that Democracy in Palestine is a chimera.  It’s a lie.  It’s nonsense.  It will never happen.

You can’t tell that to these fools, though.

Support for Palestine is de facto support for another despotic sharia driven Islamic dictatorship.

I’d love to see the people of Palestine free and living in their own State.  I can not, however, support the creation of another Sharia Despotism.











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