Charlie Hebdo is my Hero!

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Charlie Hebdo did it.  He did what every Free Speech loving person across the world should be doing.  He flung the middle finger at the rioters and murderers who are trying to rob the Free World of it’s Liberty.

Hebdo published a series of cartoons basically ridiculing Mohommad and Islam just days after Muslims started behaving like mindless Stone Age monkeys in the streets of every major and many minor cities across the globe.

Some folks will whine that he is endangering the public.

That’s nonsense.  He’s endangering no one.  The Governments of the World who are allowing Muslims to behave like animals are to blame.  The Muslim Governments of the World who are NOT prosecuting the animals rioting in the streets and murdering non-Muslims are to blame.  The Muslim Officials who are persecuting non-Muslims and Muslims alike for blasphemy are to blame.

A cartoon is a cartoon.  If you don’t like it, don’t look at it.  A movie is a movie.  No one is forcing Muslims to view that or any movie.   If you do not like these things, ignore them.  If you do not wish to see offensive items, close your eyes and plug your ears.

Muslims have no right to tell the rest of the World how to think.  They have no right to censor me or you or anyone else.

It’s bad enough that they kill each other in their own lands with impunity.  It’s bad enough that they murder and persecute and oppress minorities in their own countries.

What are we if we allow them to persecute, oppress and murder us in our own lands.

If Muslims wish to live under Sharia law, let them live in Iran or Saudi Arabia or Sharjah

Sharia should never be allowed to expand into Western Nations.  That would be a TRUE BLASPHEMY!

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