Time for America to Abandon the Middle East



This latest affront by Muslim Madmen is too far, too gone, too insane.  The Muslims of the Middle East are insane.  These people are savage imbeciles.   America should abandon them.  Let them eat themselves.

Were it up to me, I would sew discontent throughout the Middle East.  Turn Shi’a against Sunni against Sufi until the last drop of Muslim blood was spilt and drained away.

I tire of the hypocrisy of Islam and it’s adherents.  They stole Christian lands.  They stole Jewish lands.  They now demand that all lands that they stole from others be returned to them.

We should stop pandering to these Mad Madhis.  We should abandon them.  Not one penny more to a Muslim despot.  Not one penny more to a decrepit Muslim Monarch.

No more protection of the oil fields or the sea lanes upon which these imbecilic, superstitious fools profit and spread their religious disease.

Let China protect and give aid to these fools.

Let America divest ourselves of any trace of Islamic buffoonery.  Now and forever.

And if Muslims in America do not like it, they can return to their homelands.

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