Facebook Censorship and Faux Outrage

What happens when you change  your Relationship Status in Facebook but not in real life?

Nothing really…

Except that you get a bunch of messages of support from people who believe everything that they read on the internet.

Recently, I deactivated my Facebook account.  They censored me and said censorship irked the piss out of me.  Aside from that, I waste entirely too much time on Facebook.  I want to start on my second book.  With Facebook readily available, I waste too much time picking at scabs and generally mucking about with morons such as the “Soldiers are not heroes, they are tools of War” guy and his crew of moronic followers as well as the followers of Islam who love to get on Facebook and quote Qu’ranic scripture at non-believers.  I think that they actually believe that quoting scripture is going to change minds about their idiotic religious creed.  I guess they have that in common with Christians who quote the Bible to defend the Bible.  That’s tantamount to quoting Charles Manson in defense of Charles Manson or quoting Hitler in defense of Hitler.  Sorry, it doesn’t work.  Even so, I love to get in there and tell them that they’re morons.  It’s an addiction.  What can I say.

Facebook — people take this shit too seriously.  My GF will put her thoughts about events that she sees happening around her.  Sometimes, those thoughts are relationship oriented.  She’s got some girlfriends who are always getting into bad relationships.  She’s posted her thoughts on those GFs and their relationships.  For some reason, her friends always want to think the worst of me when she does so.  These friends log onto Facebook, read Unny’s thoughts and start pounding me.  “What did Dave do?”  “Tell Dave that I’m going to kick his ass.”  But the Unny commentary has absolutely nothing to do with me.  Yet, I get faux cyber-wrath bombs exploding all around me.   It’s comical.

Lesson being, I suppose, don’t read into Facebook anymore than what is actually posted.  Don’t believe everything you read on Facebook.  Facebook is at times akin to a long chain email.  Most of the time, it’s stuff that you shouldn’t take too seriously.  It’s like taking Glenn Beck at face value.  Half truths abound.  Half wits believe.

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