A few years back, a Gurkha was kidnapped down in Qandahar. Later, they found the guy. The Taliban had beheaded him and threw his body in the desert.

3 or 4 Gurkhas slipped off the base. Creeped into town, found the guys responsible. They killed all of them and desecrated the bodies. Not entirely sure of the memory on this one but I think they hung some of the bodies from lamp posts or some such.

There was talk that the US Army was going to prosecute but the Brits told the US Army to fuck off and shipped them home.

Good for the Brits and excellent job by the Gurkhas. We needed (STILL DO) more of that in the ‘Stan.


Stories of the Gurkhas are legion. My favourite is the tale of the Gurkha sergeant being told his men would be jumping into enemy territory. He returned next day to say the men would rather jump from below 500ft on to marshy ground. ‘But your parachutes won’t open,’ said the Colonel. ‘Ah,’ said the sergeant. ‘No one mentioned parachutes.’


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