Get US out of the Middle East





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I went to Afghan looking for adventure.  I found it.  What I hadn’t counted on was becoming jaded with American intervention in the world.  I was a fairly idealistic young man in 2003.  I was two years removed from the Army.  The Taliban sponsored al Qaeda had just blown the crashed the Twin Towers in Afghanistan.  George Bush had just led us into Iraq.
I had been ambivalent about invading Iraq.  I thought that we could have gone one of two ways with Saddam Hussein.  1.  Invade Iraq and take him down.  2.  Leave Iraq alone — halt sanctions, embargoes and diplomatic pressure.  We had created Saddam in the 80s.  Iraq and Saddam were nothing until we elevated him.  When he had reached the end of his usefulness to us, we abandoned him.
It has been my opinion for some time, that we should have encouraged Saddam to invade Saudi Arabia to clear out the Saudi Royal Family and to end the Wahhabis in the Nejd.  The Saudis are the perpetrators of Wahhabism which is the Islamic creed of all of the terrorists, insurgents, taliban and Muslim brotherhoods that have become a threat to America since the fall of the Soviet Empire.
After spending nearly a decade in Central Asia and the Middle East and having studied the two regions in depth, I drew the conclusion that America was part of the problem.  We need a sea change in the Islam foreign policy and diplomatic strategies.  The first thing that we need to do is get out.  Leave the area in the dust.  We draw upon Middle Eastern oil reserves for only 12% of our needs.  China, India, France, Germany and other leading nations need Middle Eastern oil.  The United States of America does not.  A departure from the Middle East, leaves us without a need to bribe those despots to keep them in line with our strategic vision.  We depart the region and stop supporting the despots, most of the animosity towards the United States evaporates.
The other problem is Israel.  Do we abandon Israel and leave her to her fate against the Arabs?  Do we continue to support Israel?  I would continue to support Israel.  Contract with Israel to have a military training reserve in the Negev Desert.  That acts as a firm show of support and allows us a footprint in the Middle East should we need to deal with problems in the region.  We could even help them root out the Iranian puppets in Lebanon Hezbollah if push came to shove.  Hezbollah is nothing more than the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in disguise.
As for the remainder of the Middle East, let Europe, China and India deal with that mess.  If they want the oil, they can keep the Straits open.  They can deal with the Saudis.  If the Saudi sponsored Wahhabis reach out and attack us, we land at Jeddah and crush that hotbed of Wahhabist extremism.
There is no other real need for our presence in the region.


One comment on “Get US out of the Middle East

  1. I don’t disagree with much of this, David.

    I also consider this 2012 election to be critical for america and the world.

    You probably know that I do not support obama.

    Finish your first book, please. I like what I have read.


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