Put Up or Shut Up Time for UK Football

From Kentucky Sports Radio:

In fact, Jarmon was interviewed by Larry Vaught today and was asked a question about the potential role of speaking out to the public and spreading the word about Kentucky football:

“That is something pending the direction they see me going. That is something I can’t rule out if they want to use me in that kind of role. It is something I would definitely embrace. For the time being, I am just doing the things they ask me to do and if and when the opportunity presents itself, I will take it.”


What word is there to spread?

Until UK Football does something besides run their freakin’ mouths, there is nothing to talk about. Absolutely nothing.

Do something! Anything besides more losing.

Then you can talk. Until then, put your nose to the grindstone and shut the fuck up!

I’m tired of hearing all of the whining.  Get the word out.  UK Fans should support perennial losing.  UK fans should be more supportive, UK Football can’t help itself.  UK Football can’t help that it sucks.  Joker is powerless.

UK Football is a habitual loser.

Rich Brooks doomed Joker.  That’s right.  Smoke and Mirrors Brooks made it seem possible for UK to win.  Joker slid back to the usual UK losing attitude.

Why should UK Football fans pay to see a losing Football squad?  Year in and Year out.  Why?

Either UK changes the dynamic or I don’t see why another fan should ever purchase a ticket to see a UK Football team get crushed by a mediocre Gator Team again.

Get the word out?  The word about what?  That UK is rising up and might win six games this year against 3 cupcakes, the lowest of the low in the SEC and UL.


Bite me Mitch Barnhart!


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