Muslims and the Qu’ran

By this stage, most Muslims are not Arab.   As a matter of fact, I think the majority of Muslims live in South Asia or Africa.  The largest single Muslim country is Indonesia. 

  The native language of most Muslims is anything other than the Arabic in which the  Qu’ran is written.

  The Qu’ran, technically, is forbidden to be translated to other languages.   

Therefore, many or most Muslims will not read a translated version as to do so is to sin. 

  Most Muslims outside of Arab speaking nations memorize the Qu’ran by rote.

  They can recite suras from the Quran from beginning to end.   Yet, they haven’t the foggiest notion of the meaning of that which they recite.   They rely upon Mullahs or Imams to tell them meanings.  

In many places, the Mullahs themselves are illiterate or have no knowledge of Arabic.   Therefore they do not know what the Qu’ran actually states.

  That’s why most Muslims are Muslim in name only.   They worship an idol called “the Qu’ran.”   They have no knowledge of the actual  Qu’ran and take the word of the more famous and fundamentalists Mullahs as to what being a Muslim entails.

I met a young man in Herat who was given the privilege of giving the Friday prayer because of his voice and his memorization of the Qu’ran. This child was brought over to pray at one of my Class Graduations. Afterwards, I spoke to the child. 

”So, you’ve memorized the whole Qu’ran?”

“Yes Sir, and I have been tested to ensure the completeness of my knowledge.”

“That is amazing. So you speak Arabic as well as Dari? And at such a young age.”

“No sir, I only speak Dari. I do not know Arabic.”

“So you memorized the whole of the Qu’ran but you don’t know what any of it means?”

“Yes Sir. But the Mullah tells me what it means. He shares with me his knowledge.”

  And that is the majority of Muslims. They may know some or all of the Qu’ran.   But it is a relatively small percentage of the Muslim population which can read the actual Qu’ran with any dawning of comprehension.   To most, it’s merely a series of squiggly lines.

5 comments on “Muslims and the Qu’ran

  1. ‘what a bunch of nicely presented anti-Muslim garbage. Nice try buddy, but get some real proof before you start “thinking out aloud” on the net for everyone to see how clever you aren’t.’

    • That’s not anti-Muslim. However, it is anti-religion. Religion makes you a mindless automaton.

      How many Muslims do you know who actually know Arabic? I’d bet it’s not that many in the grand scheme of things. From your name, you are probably somewhere on the subcontinent. A place that was mostly Hindu until it was violently invaded and converted (reverted) by the Muslim sword. A place that Islam violently ripped apart when it birthed Pakistan and then Bangladesh in Islamic bloodbaths.

      The Christians are not that different. Many, if not most, Christians rarely if ever read the Bible. They all “prayze Jaysus” though. It’s all mindless drivel.

      Muslims are just like everyone else even if your more nutso Muslims attempt to portray the Umma as a special group who are the “chosen” of God. In that way, you are not so different than the Jews. You all believe that there is some special place in heaven or paradise for you.

      Muslims, Christians, Jews…whatever. You’re all the same. All of you are deluded by your little insane books.

  2. Dear brothers,
    Islam is the true religion in all over the world and the noble Qur’an is the true speech of All, So Allah SWT promise in Qur’an that I will this book till doomsday and nobody will interfere in it. So it is the promise of Allah.
    And those who are memorizing the holy Qur’an that has allot of bounties for him and his family, so what if he doesn’t know Arabic language, there will be no mistake in holy Qur’an that people say oh somebody change this verse or that because Allah promised that will protect it as from begging till end.

    Hope you for better understanding!

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