Talkin’ the Cats

Go Big Blue!

Go Big Blue!




I flew into Phnom Penh last night at about 5PM.  Reached my hotel,California2, about 30 minutes later. I checked in and stashed my bags in my room then headed down to the bar to have a drink.

I was sitting there talking to Jim, the Hotel owner, for a few minutes discussing my book, his photography and Cambodia.

I sat there for about an a half hour when two gents sat down next to me.  One guy was from Las Vegas.  The other gent was a fellow Kentuckian who has a brother living in Shelbyville.  We sat there for a little over two hours talking college basketball.  The fellow from Vegas had attended UTEP (Texas Western) back in the ’60s.  He attended the ’66 Final Four.  I was hatin’.  Envious as hell.

He lives in Vegas now and is a UNLV fan.  The Kentuckian is, of course, a Kentucky Basketball fan.

I’m thousands of miles away from home and sitting there talking Kentucky ball with two fellow fans of the game.  How cool is that!


4 comments on “Talkin’ the Cats

  1. Sounds like you had a great time, Dawood! Home is everywhwere for Kentucky Wildcat fans!

    Incidentally, My good friend, Dr. Tim Benadum, has a hospital in Cambodia. I am not sure of the location, but he has given his, and his familiy’s, life to it and the indigenous people there.

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