I need a favor.  As my book nears completion, I’m going to need about 20 photos to include therein.

If someone(s) could go through the pictures on the following links and select the 20 best photos, I would appreciate it.

I’ve already selected some that I think suit the book, but, I’d like some feedback and/or other opinions as to which photos others may think are good, great, excellent.

I appreciate any opinions on the subject.




Thanks, Dave

One comment on “HELP! I NEED SOMEBODY!!!

  1. David, or Dey Veed,

    You come across in writing so often as so harsh. I cannot successfully paste a photo in these comments, but I suggest one of the pictures of you with kids, such as the class room with Zach and the kids or the pics with the Afghan kids you gave UK shirts to.

    You have a mellow heart for kids everywhere, even in the USA, if you can recall.

    Go Cats! Go USA! Go World! God, please bless’em all.

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