Substitute the word “Drug” with “Oil”

Substitute every drug reference with an oil reference.  Oil drives terrorism.

Our thirst for oil is what drives terrorism.  Our addiction to oil IS why terrorism exists.

If we stopped purchasing oil from the Arabs, they would have no money for terrorism.  Oil drives the whole show.

Most people are too stupid to make this connection.  I don’t understand why.

Perhaps, it’s propaganda such as this moronic video PSA sponsored by the United State Federal Government.

Anyone who buys the lies being sold in this video is a complete moron.

Most of the terrorists whom we are “fighting” today won their spurs with the Mujahideen in Afghanistan.  We, the United States of America, funded the radicalization of Islam when we allowed the Pakistani ISI to control the purse strings during the Aghan-Soviet War of the 1980s.  Pakistan then birthed the Taliban with funds that we gave them and equipped them with war machinery left over from that war.

We created our own enemy.  How convenient for the Military Industrial Complex.  How convenient for the Big Brother advocates of the Left and Right Elite Structure.

But, hey, you guys keep on voting for the very people who are selling you these lies.  It doesn’t matter.  Democrat.  Republican.  Same wolves baring their fangs at the same sheep.

Same Jackboots stomping on the rights “guaranteed” by the United States Constitution.

Honestly, I don’t mind a good war.  I don’t mind violence.  If we’re going to have a War on Terror, why are we not stomping down the doors of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait?

Why?  Oil.

Black Gold.

Every time you fill your tank, you buy another IED vest for the Extremists of Islam.

Keep on keepin’ on, though.

Supporting Terrorism

Supporting Terrorism

One comment on “Substitute the word “Drug” with “Oil”

  1. I don’t want to argue with you Dave, but I’ll bet you recall our conversation about the Saudi’s shortly after 9/11/2001. Our elite leaders don’t want to get them mad at us. Let them bomb us on our own soil with their people in our own planes. Clever aren’t they.
    I don’t want another war. We may never get out of sending our young to die over there. Some short thinking devil will drop a nuke and the biggest mistake will have started. And it won’t just be over there.

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