Abortion is AWESOME!!!

Incidentally, there’s a balanced position that all of America’s presidential candidates could take on the controversial abortion issue. If they want votes they shouldn’t campaign to make abortion illegal or legal. They should campaign to make it retroactive. If a kid reaches 25 and he or she is still jobless, feckless, and sitting around Starbucks acting like a — no offense — European, then whack.

PJ O’Rourke

Abortion is controversial to any human who has a conscience….or it should be. I know women who have had abortions. I don’t know one who has not been negatively affected by it. Everyone of them regrets it on some level.

Regardless of how it’s rationalized, abortion is ending the life of a human being. We can make it sound dispassionate and we can detach ourselves with high minded legal discourse. Women can talk about “their bodies” all they want. There is always a terrible price for abortion.

And even with a clear understanding of those issues, I do not feel qualified to tell other people that they can not or should not have an abortion.

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