All Is Well

America is Perfect!

We have always acted perfectly on the world scene.

Financial crisis?  What financial crisis?

Obama is a wonderful president?

Cardboard is a great home!

PTSD = Pretty Terrific Successful Deployment

We have no problems.

Darkies were happy as slaves.

Homosexuals love being closeted away by loving Christians.

People who are bullied by zealous children should be grateful for the attention they are shown.

The Iraqis welcomed us into Iraq with open arms, flowers and hugs.

Afghanistan is well on it’s way to a corrupt free, democratic and open society wherein women are free to dress as they please and to lead happy, carefree and full lives.

The Check is in the mail…

Remember Boys and Girls, Guys and Gals!  Register at your local Political Office to be given your daily does of DNC or GOP Talking Points!

Be a good American.  Question Nothing!

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