The Immigration Challenge to America


I’m of two minds on National Boundaries and Borders.  If we are to be a Nation, we will have borders.  As a Nation, we have a right and a duty to protect those borders.

As a Nation, we, citizens, invest in our country.  It’s called taxes.  For 200 years, Americans have invested their blood, treasure and toil in making America what it is today.

Immigrants have invested nothing in our country.  What right have they to come up here and to expect to benefit from the blood, treasure and toil of others?  They have no such right.

If they come, they come as 1) guest or 2) interlopers/thieves/parasites.  Therefore, if they come, they should come ready to contribute to our system.  That system is the American System.  They should assimilate.

Another aspect of this is the following:

1.  They wouldn’t come if there were not demand for them.

2.  They wouldn’t come if we weren’t all but allowing them to come because of said demand.

3.  These demands are set by American Business and the American People.

We demand lower prices and higher wages.  Immigrants have no such demands.  They long for a better place in the sun.  Immigrants are filling demand while simultaneously fulfilling their dreams.

There are other aspects which serve to agitate or exacerbate the Immigration debate.  The Christian Right fears an influx of Catholicos.  The Right Wing both fears and hates the “Reconquista” movement.  I think the Reconquista movement is smaller than it’s made out to be.  I think that “threat” is magnified.  I don’t see all of these people crossing the border to make those areas another failed Mexican State.

For people to have dreams and ideals of such magnitude, they first need security.  Most immigrants who cross the borders with extralegal methods are not secure and have never been secure.  They’re running from insecurity and running to a place where they dream and hope to find security.

Another aspect of this is that we are America.  We are supposed to be the light of the World.  Yet, we have rarely, if ever, truly fit this bill.  For much of our history, we have been the exploiter of the world.  Big Business has done that exploiting with the full backing of the Federal Government.  We have exploited South and Central America for well over 100 years now.  Many of the problems to our South have causal relationships with Business interests in America.  We set the stage for much of the violence.  If we didn’t set the stage, we sat back and allowed it to happen.  In other cases, we put those governments in power who either collapsed or who are either so evil as to have caused the people who are emigrating to America to have begun their exodus from the South and movements to America.

America is culpable for many of the problems to our South including the drug problem.  America (and Europe) is the largest drug importer in the world.  We buy drugs from these violent places all over the world.  Yet, we can’t seem to understand the relationship.

The Illegal Immigration that is occuring has many causes.  It’s not as simple as “them people are coming here and we gotta stop them.”  It’s much more convoluted.  It’s much deeper.

Ann excellent first step would be to stop the War on Drugs.  Legalize and control it.  Legitimize the drug trade.  Prohibition has never worked.  It didn’t work with alcohol and it isn’t working with drugs.  People are going to get their fix.  One way or the other.

Another good step would be to halt our meddling in the affairs of the Nations to the South of us.  If big business wants to conduct business with them, let them make their own accords.

The immigration challenge will not be met easily.  It will take time.  It will take education.  It will take fundamental changes in the way that America interacts with her neighbors.

We have always talked about being the “good neighbor.”  Perhaps, we will become such one day.

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