Perfect Governance amongst imperfect people…Improbable

Generally speaking, most people are unintelligent. Most of us look out for number one and only care about other folks when we are comfortable and secure enough to allow us time to look out at the world. Not a lot of folks have this security. People are not “naturally” noble. This is a developed phenomenon which is why so much of the nobility was ignoble. Humans, individually, do not take the time to develop compassion for their fellows as a collective. Individuals exist who have developed this strain. Though, most of us will never develop it. Even those humans who have developed a noble compassion for their fellow humans are only compassionate in part of their existence on this planet. Mother Theresa had great compassion. This was highly developed in her. Yet, even she was a part time crack pot in that one had to at the very least pretend some devotion to her religion in order to receive her assistance and she was liable to cut people off from her compassion for offenses related to religious devotion.

That’s why the world will never come by a system of governance that is noble enough to truly elevate us as a whole. We will always set our selves back through selfishness, capriciousness, greed, lust and all manner of other failings.

We, as a species, are flawed. It is not possible to create something perfect as we are incapable of perfection. Therefore, our governments will always be flawed.

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