Class is in Session

International 3rd Graders

International 3rd Graders

I had a great and unique experience this morning.  I gave a presentation on Afghanistan to a group of 3rd Graders at an International School in Bangkok.  There were students from Thailand, China, Korea and America in attendance.  Actually, it was two classes as the teacher next door brought her class over for the presentation.

The kids were all great and attentive (for 3rd Graders).  I put together a little Powerpoint slide show and brought along a few items that I’d purchased in Afghanistan.   My Jam Minaret carpet that COL Barakzai gave me in Chagcharan, a few necklaces, a big piece of Lapis, Afghan coins and bills, two of the knives that I bought at the bazaar on Camp Warehouse and a few other items were on display.  I let the kids handle almost everything.

One of the kids was blind and he was probably the most intelligent and inquisitive of the bunch.  Of course, the little gals were all adorable.

It was a good day.  Hope I can do it again.

2 comments on “Class is in Session

  1. Jesus also loved the little children, good friend
    Teaching is such a wonderful experience.
    These youngsters will probably remember your visit with them.

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