The Student Athlete Conundrum

One and Done Crisis is about Greed

One and Done Crisis is about Greed

Why do we expect more from Student Athletes than we expect from the general student population?

Only 53% of the general student population graduates within 6 years of entering college.  Only 36% graduate within 4 years of entering College.   The average College Student graduates in 6 years if he graduates at all.

If a talented mathematician departs school after one year for employment with Google or Microsoft, we applaud him.

Why is one path a mockery and the other a triumph?

A Career is a Career.

The one difference that I can see is the race component.  If all Student Athletes leaving early for the NBA were white and all talented mathematicians leaving early were black would we be having these conversations?

The other difference that I can see is that Student Athletes (especially the highly talented Student Athlete) are basically indentured servants who make the NCAA and the Media millions each year.

I would venture to say that these arguments do not have the best interest of the student athlete at heart.  They are concerned about profits and the bottom line.

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