I agree with Obama on Same Sex Marriage

The idea of homosexuality as abomination  originated with the Israelites worship of Ba’al. In order to keep the Israelites from leaving their GoD and, therefore, their tribe the Judges/Leaders of Israel declared [for GoD] that all activities associated with the worship of Ba’al were abominations before GoD. One of the primary rites of the Temple of Ba’al was the practice of homosexual sexual relations. Ba’al liked his adherents to get it on…with everything and everyone. “GoD” didn’t give a damn about homosexuality until his “Chosen” started getting their funky groove on in the worship of another GoD. As he states countless times in the Bible, GoD is a Jealous God. He didn’t take kindly to his children having fun in some other God’s temple.

The Jewish God is a stifling prick who seems to have Victorian sensibilities. The GoD of Christianity is everything that one would NOT want in a spouse. He’s a nagging, insecure, jealous person.  That is the GoD that declaims homosexuality as an abomination.

That incident is the traditional starting point for Christian opposition to homosexuality and, now, homosexual or same sex marriage.

I had a conversation with a friend about Same Sex Marriage.  It went as usual along these lines:

FRIEND:   The Same Sex (gay) Marriage movement is not about marriage for those advocating it. Homosexuals are not standing in line waiting to get married. Its about a cultural change. They are using this as a tactic to coerce people into approving their lifestyle.

DAVE: I’ve touched on this before, but, I’ll do it again. This is you. This is not Gay people. This is you planting your ideas into their heads. You can’t do that. You can not speak for people whom you obviously do not understand. You can not make assumptions and use those assumptions to legislatively coerce people into acts that are against their nature.

Well, you can and it has been done before. For example, White Americans of European descent made the assumption that slavery was good for the African American. They made the assumption that Black Slaves from Africa did not actually mind being slaves and were actually pre-disposed to being slaves.

White Southerners in America made the assumption that Black people were an inferior race and that they would be better off segregated. Culled away from White people.

So, of course, you can make all of the assumptions that you want. People in America have a long, nefarious history of making bigoted assumptions about other people.

FRIEND: They have the same rights as you and I. They can marry a person of the opposite sex.

DAVE: Marriage is not a right. It is a tradition. There is not place in the Constitution that states that the Right of a Citizen to Marry shall not be abridged. Not in any Constitution that I’ve read.

Traditions evolve. They have always evolved.

For instance, it has been traditional to marry a member of the opposite sex in order to have children that are NOT considered BASTARDS by people who make these kinds of assumptions. The word bastard has more or less left the modern vocabulary in this meaning. It has been traditional in many cultures to marry a woman for reasons such as prrocreation and, as in Greece and Rome, to then take lovers of any sex for enjoyment, companionship, etc.

Traditionally, marriage in America as well as most of the West, meant that the woman became chattel property. A woman entered marriage by being given away by her Father. That signified the changing of possession.

When Christians were fighting to keep divorce illegal in America, not a one of them showed any concern for women who were being beaten, raped and otherwise abused and humiliated.

Traditionally, marriage has taken on many forms.

What are the divorce rates amongst Christians. Is that part of the tradition of Christian marriages.

Have you scoured the planet to search for instances of homosexual marriage in other cultures?

After all, America is the great cultural melting pot. We were once very proud of that. Back when WHITE Folks dominated the political and cultural landscape.

FRIEND: Just because who they choose to love doesn’t fit the traditional definition of marriage, they want to radically redefine marriage regardless of the consequences.

DAVE: In so far as I am aware, these new “Sanctity of Marriage Laws” are a first attempt at legally defining marriage. Homosexuals are attempting to be included in a tradition that has never truly been defined until now.

This “defining moment” came about because Christians, as usual, want to control the lives of others and take away FREE WILL.

This is the time honored and practiced tradition of Christians. Something new comes about. Christians grow fearful and then strike out at something that need not truly concern them.

Need I list all of the instances of this occurring.

Heliocentric Theory, Round Earth Theory, Rock n Roll, Inter-racial marriage in America (for it had been happening in the rest of the world for thousands of years), Racial Integration, Abolition of the African Slave in America on up to the now RAGING FEAR concerning homosexual marriage.

FRIEND: It basically makes marriage meaningless if one just defines as people who love each other. Look for polygamist and incestuous marriage to be the next “civil rights” issue.

DAVE: Meaningless? You mean meaningless like 50% of marriages ending in divorce? Something like that? Adultery raging across the landscape? Something like that. But those are marriages between men and women.

Or do you mean women being raped in the Marriage bed. I suppose we should go back to that. When women were obliged to have sex with their husbands even if they were dripping wet with syphilis and gonorrhea wrought outbreaks of sores and cankers. Yeah, let’s go back to that tradition.

It was tradition to discipline one’s wife as well. We can go back to that tradition as well.

Not so long ago, who I chose to love may have been a Black woman. In America, that was non-traditional. Therefore, Christians were arguing that it should remain non-traditional and be illegal.

Tradition is funny.

Of course, Christians love to bring incest and polygamy into the debate.  I have no problem with polygamy. If a group of 50 people want to enter into marriage with one another. So be it. I’m all for that God Given FREE WILL that Christians seem to hate.

Incest: Amongst consenting adults. Why not? The Romans did it. The Greeks did it. It’s all over the Bible.

The European Monarchs are infamous for it as it eventually caused madness and other problems in their offspring.

Christians don’t like to admit that whole “Ba’al episode.” Most of them aren’t even aware of it or it’s significance culturally on the Israelites.

It has been noted that many, if not most, Christians do not actually read the Bible. Most simply follow what their Pastor says and take that as the “Gospel Truth.”

Here is another example of Christian fear mongering in response to Homosexual Marriage:

You can monkey around with marriage, gender roles, raising children, etc all you want. Everything will be fine. We’ve come to figure out so much in our post modern age. All the wisdom of the ages is really not worth reflecting on. We’re pretty sophisticated now. Culture and society will thrive and reach new heights with our new post modern attitudes. Jack and Jill or Jack and Jim. Totally interchangable.

Homosexuals are a very small percentage of population. They have always been a very small percentage of the population. More than likely, they will always be a very small percentage of the population who are homosexual.

If one wishes to defer to the wisdom of the ages, homosexuality was openly practiced by the Greeks, Persians, Romans and many other pre-Christian societies.

This so called “wisdom of the ages” comes from about 1600 years of Christian history. And even then! Homosexuality has always been with us. Despite the very worst of the Churches attempts to weed it out.

The Church of Rome started the spin against homosexuality. Before the COR, it was a non-issue.

The Church has always needed enemies.  Witches to burn.  Heretics to torture.  Windmills against which to tilt.

Homosexuals were the last safe victim.  I’m sure there will be others in the future.  Homosexuals are the group at whom they’ve decided to tilt their vicious lances for now.

Leonardo da Vinci would be familiar with the plight of homosexuals.  He was one of the GREAT EVIL TOOLS of Satan in his day.  Designing those devilish machines that we use today had the Church hot on his trail.  We’re only now re-discovering the brilliance of Da Vinci thanks to the Wisdom of the Ages and it’s Champion Christianity.

With all that in mind, I have a request for Christians.  Please don’t make me and others like me vote for Obama.  I don’t want to do it.  I certainly do not want to vote for a candidate who wishes to thrust us morally back into the dark ages, either.

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