Kentucky’s Road to the NCAA Championship in 2012

3 of the Top 10 and 4 out of the Top 13 Teams in the Poll lost their last games to Kentucky. How often does that happen.

Kentucky d

efeated 8 of the Top 25 Teams in this Final Poll in 2012. One of the teams (Florida), Kentucky defeated 3 times. One other team (Vandy), Kentucky defeated twice.

This was not a cakewalk season. Kentucky played a hell of a schedule on it’s road to the NCAA Championship.

Coach Cal, Anthony Davis, MKG and the rest of the team accomplished all of this with an almost Zen Buddhist like approach to the game wherein winning was not the focus, but, striving to be the best individuals and team they could possibly be was the focus.  By doing so, they reached the ultimate prize in College Basketball.  Coach Cal molded a mass of talented individuals into a team wherein these talented athletes became one with the Basketball Universe.  By subsuming egos and desires and surrendering individual glory for team excellence, Anthony Davis, MKG, TJ, Darius, Teague, Wiltjer, Lamb and the rest of the team became one of the Greatest Teams in College Basketball history.

Kentucky strived not to defeat the opponent, but, to reach their greatest potential as a team.  THAT! is Greatness!

The Basketball Gods are in awe and well they should be.


***Too bad Stacey Poole and his father failed to failed to grasp the concept.***

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